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A Fresh Start

The first week of January is always abuzz with a new energy. People are refreshed after holiday vacations, setting out to make big improvements in their lives in the coming year. I have never been the type to get fired up about resolutions. I think a certain kind of commitment needs to be present to make real and lasting change, and I do not see setting restrictive goals after indulging excessively to be especially conducive to this mindset. Instead, I find my January self to be a bit more reflective than usual, considering what it is exactly that I want out of life and if I’m on course or wandering off on some side street enjoying the view. Often it’s the latter, but I also tend to make my way back a bit more clear about moving forward and why. There’s something to be said for taking the long road.

Perhaps it’s the return to real life after an extended period of relaxation that pushes me to make sure what I’m doing in my “real life” is something that feeds me and calls to me. Or perhaps it’s the perpetual darkness of January days––gray and blustery at their best, the dark of night still encroaching on working hours at both ends. Either way, I’m grateful for the chance to quiet my mental chatter and make sure that the life I’m living matters and the series of choices I’ve made are ones I can live well with.

I’m looking forward to what this new website, new blog, and new endeavor will bring. I have a feeling it will be as much a journey of learning and growth for me as it is for those with whom I work––and I cannot wait.


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