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Making Every Day a (Piece of your) Dream Day

Imagine the next 24 hours were yours to fill with whatever your heart desires. No logistical constraints (travel, money, scheduling, etc.) need be taken into account. Where would you be? Who would be there with you? What would you be doing? How would you feel?

Now, consider what it is that you love about those particular places, people, and activities––what makes this your dream day? Is it spending time with your family? Perhaps it is solitude? Is it finally getting time to work on your favorite side project? Is it good food, good friends, and good energy? Is it feeling rested and relaxed?

How can you bring just a piece of this dream into your life on a regular basis? How might even 15 minutes each day give you a taste of your “dream day”? The stuff of our dreams is sometimes not as impossible or far off as it seems. Make room in your life each day for the people, experiences, and activities that matter to you.


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