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Gifts We Did Not Choose

I have just recently begun to realize that being good at something does not mean I must do this thing regularly if it does not bring me joy. To cease a certain activity or type of work in which I am naturally skilled had in the past felt like looking a gift horse in the mouth: was it not a waste of a God-given ability to choose not to use that part of who I am?

In a word: no.

Why? Because aptitude does not equal passion. I have given myself permission to do only the things that bring me joy. Some of these things require more work, more practice, and more time than it would take just to employ the skills I’ve naturally acquired throughout my lifetime. What is interesting is that the work, practice, and time it takes to refine the new skills––the grunt work that should feel tedious and mundane––feels more joyful and gets me more excited than even the best parts of the work I should have loved ever did. I should have been tipped off by that language in the first place: work I “should” love to do, skills that “ought” to bring me happiness. Shoulds and oughts are dangerous thoughts.

The realization that our natural gifts and skills might not always align with the things about which we feel the most passion has rocked my world. Give yourself permission to chase after the things you love. I promise the work is worth it.


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